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The market of compressed gases in the XXI century needs a technological leap forward. The first air gases generation plant opened back in 1907 and gases are bottled in steel cylinders since then. The only progress has been service pressure, form the initial 100 bar to 150, then 200, to the present 300 bar, but always in steel cylinders. Evolution of technology in these last 100 years should allow us to make much lighter cylinders with the same resistance at a similar cost. These cylinders allow carrying twice as much product in a single truck, so it reduces costs and CO2 emissions.

In this context Carbotainer has established in Spain, where his research team has developed and patented the Smart Carbon Cylinder SCC and built a plant for the industrialization of carbon fibre cylinders.

Fibra de Carbono

The Crown Jewel of Carbotainer: Our Product R+D team

There are many important fields to apply knowledge and capacities obtained from the SCC development. We may underline the growing importance for automotive of the new fuels, in this field we may develop hydrogen storage tanks (there is already a model running based in this technology) or CNG tanks. There is also an important field of development on the bottling of LPG.

These are just the most evident examples, but there are others such as the development of “shirtless” containers or the reinforcement of thermoplastics with fibres. These developments are much more technical but will allow a price reduction in the final product by allowing alternative materials to the aluminum liner or optimizing the manufacturing process.

The accumulated knowledge by the research team is undoubtedly the foundation of a new industry in Spain around the carbon fibre containers. The patent and the resulting innovative design are a huge asset that will remain in the.

Distribution of compressed gases in SCC creates an added value through reduction of transportation weight, improvement of ergonomics and a higher quality of the gas thanks to the better conservation inside the cylinder.

SCC is revolutionary: hexagonal, built in carbon fibre and up to 50 litres capacity. It is the evolution in the market of compressed gases. Carbotainer cylinders are manufactured with lightweight composite and thermoplastics, which make them highly resistant, yet also lightweight, with up to 30 years service life and easily integrated into production.

The key is carbon fibre

  • LIGHT AND ERGONOMIC: With the same capacity (50 litres) and same service pressure (200 bar), this innovative container manufactured by Carbotainer from lightweight materials like carbon fibre and thermoplastic polymers is more resistant and almost three times lighter than steel cylinders.
  • EASY STORING & TRANSPORT: In addition, its outer hexagonal shape lets the cylinders be stacked on top of each other and thus transported with no need for cages. Thus, their transport is easier and more economical, allowing for new distribution models.
  • SELF-SUPPORTING / NO CAGES NEEDED: With only basic straps, the cylinders can be transported without using cages, on standard European pallets.
  • THE SMART CYLINDER: The Carbotainer cylinder is a smart cylinder, which contains information to interact with different facilities and automate industrial processes, by means of RFID chips installed under the casing.
  • ADDED VALUE: The cylinder self-manages itself at bottling plants, identifying itself to the computer system and providing information on the product, working pressure and the next inspection date.
  • NO HANDLING REQUIRED FOR BARCODE SCANNING: RFID technology lets the cylinders be controlled without any type of handling. Incoming and outgoing delivery notes, as well as inventories, are drafted and updated on their own.


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