Carbotainer receives approval to ISO quality standard 9001

Carbotainer SL has received approval to the quality standard ISO 9001 from AENOR, the leading Spanish certification body, and IQNet. Our company will continue to develop its projects within a framework of quality, safety and environmental improvement to increase the satisfaction of our customers.

Fibra de Carbono

Sustainability Policy

Our commitment

To design, manufacture and inspect innovative solutions for the transport and storage of gases and products with composite materials in an excellent way, exceeding the expectations of our interested parties, within the framework of sustainable development in its three aspects: economic, social and environmental. To this end, CARBOTAINER's Management attaches the greatest importance to PREVENTING ALL NON-COMPLIANCE and eliminating its causes by adopting corrective and preventive actions. To this end, it provides the necessary human, technical, technological and financial resources and considers the support of ALL PEOPLE to be essential. Each person is responsible for their work and is committed to the success of this policy.

Decalogue of action

  1. To offer our customers a personalised service, exceeding and increasing their satisfaction.
  2. To manage the risks and opportunities of our activities, with the aim of preventing damage to people and property and minimising environmental impact.
  3. Continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of our Integrated Management System, planning, implementing, maintaining, controlling and monitoring to continuously improve our processes and performance, including environmental aspects.
  4. To comply with legal and other requirements that are applicable to the organisation relating to:
    1. Safety in use and quality
    2. Environmental protection.
    3. Safety of workers and their health.
    4. The safety of products for food and medicinal use.
    5. Equality of rights and opportunities.
    6. Fiscal and taxation.
  5. To disseminate a culture of Food Security at all levels of the Organisation.
  6. To accept the challenges. To create a culture of innovation throughout the organisation, as well as develop channels and tools both for the generation of ideas and for the dissemination and exposure of the results. To favour the economic development of local communities, offering high technology of proximity.
  7. To base actions on the principles of participation, non-discrimination, transparency and dynamism, promoting the active and responsible involvement of all the people in the organisation and providing information transfer, internal communication, permanent and appropriate training.
  8. To care for the future. To protect the environment, including pollution prevention, and other specific commitments relevant to the context of the organisation. To combat child labour and uphold human rights.
  9. To provide a safe and stable working environment for all people, seeking personal satisfaction and development.
  10. To communicate and require suppliers of materials or services to comply with this policy as a principle of action.

The General Management of Carbotainer, in La Muela on September 1st, 2022

Sustainability Policy Signed


Certificate ER-0138/2020 ISO9001 AENOR


Certificate ER-0138/2020 ISO9001 IQNET



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