Lightweight and ergonomic

With the same capacity (50 litres) and same service pressure (200 Bar), this innovative container manufactured by Carbotainer from lightweight materials like carbon fibre and thermoplastic polymers is more resistant and almost three times lighter than steel cylinders.

Lightweight and ergonomic

Easy to transport

In addition, its outer hexagonal shape lets the cylinders be stacked on top of each other and thus transported with no need for cages. Thus, their transport is easier and more economical, allowing for new distribution models.


With only basic straps, the cylinders can be transported without using cages, on standard European pallets.

50% savings

By eliminating the need for cages and forklift trucks, a trailer can carry twice as many cylinders.

New distribution model

Thanks to the use of pallets and straps or film, shipments can be divided. Along with the lower weight of the cylinders, this means that conventional transport companies can be hired.


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